What is Blacked?


When you meet someone that doesn't give you their real name, and instead calls themselves "Black", befriends you only to turn around down the road to break into your house/apartment to steal your shit.

"Yo, Dan, last Friday I got blacked!"


"You know that guy that smoked me out and shit?... he stole my fuckin' XBOX360!"

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A woman or male being gangbanged by a bunch of black people or hispanic housekeepers.

"My brother got blacked, I hope I do.

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1) n. getting so incredibly wasted that you don't remember shit; short for "blacked out"; can lead to crazy unknown activities such as passing out on curbs/random girl's beds,peeing off stairwells,in shoes, or on beds, or booting on computer disk drives or comforters; a regular occurrence at bucknell

1) Damn, how the fuck did I get here...wait, this isn't my room..I must have been fucking blacked last night.

2) After getting blacked the night before, he woke up to a soaked bed and a computer covered in boot.

3) After 18 games of ruit, he was so blacked that I passed out with his pants down while making nachos.

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To get jumped or robbed by a negro.

I got blacked yesterday under the bridge, and that fucking nigger stole my iPod.

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To be executed by a person of african decent.

Mario got blacked by some gang members when he rolled his daddy's bimmer into the wrong 'hood.


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