What is Blackhole?


A single point of infinite density and mass. Blackholes mass is so great that nothing can escape it's gravitational pull, not even light.

Blackholes are supposedly a reality but there is no way (currently) to prove that they are what they are. Blackholes are created by a star or planet of great mass exploding and then collapsing in on itself creating a gravitational pull that just pulls everything in more eventually ending in a blackhole. Blackholes are often identified by circles of light that orbit them because of the gravity. Blackholes also give off X-Ray and infared signals making them easier to discover.

Blackholes are often theorized as tears in the time-space continuum meaning they can be portals to other points in space or time. Many sci-fi books and movies theorize blackhole possibilities, such as L. Ron Hubbard's "Mission Earth" novels using blackholes as an energy source.

Bob: If a blackhole existed on Earth for more than 3 seconds, Earth would be gone.

Joe: But I hear scientists are attempting to create bla-- *Earth is sucked into blackhole in 3 seconds*

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a theory of an object in space, which is believed to consume anything, that enters into it.

Kyle thinks blackholes are Fact, but he's an idiot so a blackhole must have consumed his brain.


Blackhole is simply a black person's anus. Instead of sucking everything in it, it burst out vile and feces. Usually the blackhole is brown on the outer side and dark purple closer to the hole.

John(white): Nigguh, your blackhole stink like your mama's pussy!

Joly(black): shuh yo bitch ass whitelo. (taking off his boxer with shit dipping on it.)

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A sharp jab to the female reproductive organ, producing a black bruise.

"Damn steve I gave that chick a blackhole and she couldn't walk strait"

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its the exit for your food; also known as the asshole; so tight it may do you like a real space blackhole, you may never get your tool back

She was on the rag so I pounded her in the blackhole. Great time for a donkey punch.

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Something absolutely immense that has a lot of weight/mass. See also Carol Messer.

Carol Messer is like a black hole.

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