What is Blammo?


a.)Exclamation for an accomplished task.(Also see: Basnoo, Voila)

b.)An impact of jarring force.

a.)"All you have to do is get the character from point A to point B, and BLAMMO! you finished the game!!"

b.)"Oh man that car hit the wall so hard, it was like BLAMMO! and the car disintegrated!"

See voila, blam, bang, presto


A game, like assassin or killer, where people are given spoons to carry around and are also given someone to stalk. If they see the person they have to stalk without a spoon the can hit that person with their own spoon and exclame Blammo!. The person they blammoed will be out of the game and the blammoer will receive the blammoed's stalkee. There are certain times and areas which are blammo-free, but that can be decided by the leader of the game.

"Dude I got another Blammo! That's like my fourth today."

"Go Blammo her! She doesn't have her spoon!"

See stalkee, stalker


shitting in your pants when trying to fart. See also shart, sharted.

Dude I tried to squeeze off a little fart, but shit came out. Had a full on blammo!

I sneezed and blammo!

See shart, sharted, shit my pants, fart, wet fart


outdated term, similar to nigger

i dont like all then blammos comin over here, takin our jobs!!

See paul


The act of being really hot.

Dang yo, Missy is looking mighty blammo tonight.


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