Blanco Nino

What is Blanco Nino?


1) One whose nose bleeds when confronted with any sort of physical contact with the ground.

2) One who is sacked.

Nice catch Blanco Nino, but too bad your ass got saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacked.


White boy. Also known as cracker, cracka, and gringo. This is an inverted sytax spanish phrase literally meaning "white boy" used in a ghetto voice over(none the less very cool) parody of the GI-Joe cartoon lessons.

1. Get in my truck Blanco Nino, I have candy.

2. STFUBlanco Nino, quit talking about the chapelle show.


White boy, direct Spanish translation.

(blank-oh neen-yo)

Nice pass, Blanco Nino, but too bad your ass got saaaaaaaaaacked.


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