What is Blaring?


Used as an adjective. Beyond and superior to realistic measures to the point of irony. Intending to be ironic. As a joke or for just descriptions.

Originated from a classmates car he owned it high school.

"It was an '87 Camaro LT 5 speed. Stocked with a BLARING 2.8 Liter engine!!!"

"Oh here comes that BLARING fast Camaro!"

"What's the problem officer? Did you see a BLARING Blue Camaro fly by here? No I didn't, oh wait an 80s LT camaro? YEAH? Clocked him in the school zone...little racer was blaring thru it at 10 under!

See blare, blaring, unrealistic, fast, unbelievable, funny, insult, adjective, camaro, blue, hilarious, crawling, laugh


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