What is Blash?


The resulting mess of letters that comes out from beating on your keyboard

"ljkhgds;n8-2t0y0]824h laGsD"

"Wow nice blash"

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The feeling (or laziness) associated with getting stoned, where you don't feel like doing anything; not even the most easy and beneficial tasks such as changing the TV with the remote or getting snax.

Man, I'm so blash I can't be fucked getting up to smoke another cone.

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Wores used to describe anything that is cool, awesome etc.

Dude your is pony is so blash

Aren't these new pants blashy

See blash


vaginal juices

blash from my gash

See ejaculate, juices, gash


kinda like being "smashed". When someone says something stupid or careless and you want to call them on it.

"Bobby, ur so stupid"

"Blash! You can't come up with something better"

"OOOOO, you just got told, Blash!"

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when you take your fingers and pich someone in the ass...right in the center of there butt


BUTT slash ASS

god damn nigga stole my car so i found his nigger self and gave him a blash so hard he started bleeding and i got a chuck of his nigger skin

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