What is Bleu?


A word meaning the same thing as blue, but used by extremely annoying people in an attempt to sound sophisticated or possibly an attempt to get beat up.

(A person who uses this word is usually prone to using many sophisticated words that come together to form meaningless sentences.)

Normal Person- Oh, look at that painting. That looks nice.

Maurice- Yes, the artist knowingly displays a strong sense of emotion and vitality through the majestic brushstrokes.

Normal Person- Uhhh yeah.

Maurice- And notice the life of the painting, such a vibrant shade of bleu!

See blue, bleu, color, shade, stuck-up, artsy, annoying, pompous, french, fancy, blue cheese


typo version of "blue"

me:I'm wearing bleu shorts!


friend:are you gay?

friend:why are you telling me this

me:i dunno


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