What is Blimper?


Someone who has sex with fat chicks. A hogger or fat bagger. A person who finds a plumperto be attractive.

Look at him macking on that chunker. He's such a blimper.

See omega mu, beer goggles, chubby chaser, fat bitch rodeo, hogger, nail the whale, hogging, pig hunting, plumper humper, plumper pumper, fattering, swamp donkey, truffle hunter, fatterazzi, chubbette, eater, hoggy, chunker, plumper, fatty, veetology, fat chick, fat bitch, bbw, fat bitched, fat bagger, ffb, hoggers, feeder, lardass, whale, pork party, junk food titties, big girl, overweight, manatee, large breasted, chunky, fattening, jugs, curvy, butterball, plump, plumpette, pig muffin, fat benatar, boingly-doinglies, slumpbuster, veet, veeter, fatty mcbutter pants bonbon style, glutton, pork muffin, plump monkey, vitellius, fatty remorse, fatulence, juggs, fatters, slump buster, fatty-boombalatty, chub scout, buffet queen, fatsquatch, fatty patty, chubbamongous, fatter than a republican in a tub full of poor people, chubbasaur, fat breasted and awful, large naturals, chubble butt, jugnormous, fatty bingo, cushion for the pushin, fatty fatty 2 by 4, plumped, junk in the trunk, fatty girl, fatty fucker, bra buster, fatso fatty butt, brabuster, kahunas, fatsy, big tits, bra, d cups, dd, big boobs, knockers, ddd, busty, double d, ddd cups, e-cup, f-cup, globes, effeses, melons, over the shoulder boulder holder, fattiebanger, bazooms, jugs of joy, colt 45's, tubby, porker, fattractive, fatso, muffin top, large and in charge, blimp, blimpy, ssbbw, plump ass, badonkadonk, plump bitch, plumpa lumpa, fattybanger, plumpies, plumpydump, plumptious, plumping, fat bitches, chocolatier, blubbernaut, plumpfuck


Sphincter, poop shoot exit, rusty sherriffs badge,barking spider

kiss my blimper


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