What is Blind?

1. be in love

so what up homie, you blind?


To get so intoxicated that you can hardly see. Usually chanted by lads between midday and 3 O'Clock on a match day!

Let's get blind, Let's get blind, Let's get blind!


You'll never see it coming.

You'll never know what hit you.


Absence of vision.

Watch out for the car, Mrs. Blindy


to not be able to see

Louis Braille was blind.

See kwang


The state george bush draws people into. The majority of americans' perspective of reality. Someone who has no remorse in killing another human. Someone addicted to life and mind altering substances. Someone who believes the world is a better place with the USA in control.

it's a shame you are so blind, which is leading you to not being able to understand things. Blind is a simple mind!

See kay


visually impaired or drunk

Homer was blind when he arrived on Ios, so was I.


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