Blind Date

What is Blind Date?


When you go on a date with someone you don't know, or when someone sets you up with someone you dont know.

blind dates are sometimes good, usually bad, and always weird at the beginning.

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somthing i wouldnt suggest you go on.- most turn out to be incredibly ugly , boring or plain losers.. But there are a few that turn out to be gems once in awhile or at least dateable. Id say about 3 out of 50 are the odds of you finding someone whos compatible with you on a blind date. Its best if your friends set you up with this person rather than just calling up some line or other service and going on a blind date. The friends at least know what you like and most likely who you would like, as far as type. Sometimes youll get a whacko sometimes youll get a good match, But the odds of the good match are very low. Maybe 1 in 50-100 and 2 that are dateable not to bad. The rest are whack jobs. So try to meet peeps in public or work , somewhere you dont need to go on a blind date.

Once went on a blind date ,was a disaster, a mistake, dont go anywhere with peeps you dont know , it dosent matter if your friend set you up with them. If you do go watch out. Guess you have to take your risks. - then again you can find a rare gem or someone dateable this way and they might be safe or cool.


A cool tv show that lets us single people watch couples fight or make out.

Dude did u watch Blind Date last night?? That bitch had some fake ass titties!!


Dating for the visually impaired

Ray Charles went on many blind dates with his wife, Della.

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1. The best show one TV hosted by Roger Lodge. Also known as "The New Seinfeld" by many members of xChatfor it's intimate and often humorous nature. Most dates are flops because many of the guys on the show aren't what we'd call "winners", however some of the girls are hot. It's often funny to see the comic drawings in addition to the sayings by "Therapist Joe". Most of the dates are at pointless places such as neon factories, B-I-N-G-O, and the gym to name a few. the best dates often involve strip clubs, but I'm a little biased. Arguably the best show ever, keep it up (I think the show might be cancelled) but the fanbase keeps growing.

2. Arranged date for two people that have never seen each other before, often at a good place such as a restaurant or to do an activity such as bowling.

1. Let's chat and watch Blind Date...I'll bring the cups for gravy.

2. I have a friend that has a nice personality, take her on a Blind Date.

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When a friend sets up a date with a mystery person that you usually (99% of the time) don't know. Avoid at all costs because these types of dates go horribly wrong most of the time!

Bob: I set up Joe on Blind Date with this girl I met the other day.

Fred: He's going to kill you, you know that right?

Bob: Why? She's got a nice personality!

Fred: Yeah, but is she hideous?

Bob: Maybe.....

Fred: And besides those dates usually never work out.

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This is based on the use of the "stranger" where the male lays on his own arm to put it to sleep. Then uses his own arm to masturbate himself but here's the twist...

Lay on HER arm to put it to sleep and use one of your hands to help her stranger arm and masterbate yourself. For an extra twist - name the arm. Do this to your satisfaction.

Hey Marie - how about we try a blind date?

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