Blinker Fluid

What is Blinker Fluid?


An imaginary liquid used in automobiles (to make the blinkers work). This term is used as a sarcastic remark toward someone who knows ablsolutely nothing about cars.

Bob: "My car's broken again. I don't know what's wrong."

Jon: "Did you check the blinker fluid?"


(btw i totally met a girl who fell for this)

a really good almost-real-sounding term to use with the intent of throwing off a ditz.

Crystal: "My right blinker doesnt work."

James: "You're probably out of blinker fluid."

(later at auto zone)

Crystal: "I would like to buy some blinker fluid, please."

Clerk: "What the hell??"

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Often heard on the CB between Truckers. If a driver has passed them and left a turn signal on, they will call up and tell them they are running out of "Blinker Fluid"

Hey that Bull Hauler that just passed the FreightShaker in the hammer, your gonna run outta Blinker Fluid.

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An imaginary fluid in cars which enables the turn signals to work.

Aggrivated Driver: This asshat keeps changing lanes without using his signal!

Sarcastic Wife: He must be low on blinker fluid, honey.

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The liquid in one's vehicle which causes the turn signals to activate. When one's blinker fluid is empty, the result is the inability to use one's turn signals.

Joe: Damn! I almost hit that SUV that just turned into my lane!

Tom: She's just out of blinker fluid.

Joe: Oh, that explains it.

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Eye drops, such as Visine.

Man, I'm so stoned...pass me the blinker fluid so I can get the red out.

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