What is Blinner?


A meal that one desires to, or is restricted to eat for one day, becoming their breakfast lunch and dinner.

Dude 1 - "I ran out of food the other day, this granola bar is all I have left."

Dude 2 - "Man, that's a shitty blinner."

See breakfast, lunch, dinner, meal, din, snack


breakfast + lunch + dinner

Only one heavy meal for the day, it combines breakfast, lunch and dinner

After Saturday night's wild party, he enjoyed a nice and lazy blinner on Sunday.

See breakfast, lunch, dinner, meal, sunday


The mixing of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner into one meal.

I knew i wasn't gonna eat again today, so i just had blinner.

See breakfast, lunch, dinner, linner, brunch


When the one meal you eat that day is your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I woke up late for work and missed breakfast, worked through lunch and came home to eat my one meal that day, blinner.

See brunch, lunch, dinner, food, hunger


your first and last meal of the day. usually around 3-6 is blinner time

Dude I just had my blinner so I'm not that hungry right now

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