What is Blips?


An insult sourced from the name "Plips" (Pussy Lips). This derivation refers to the Brown Pussy Lips - hence the B prior to Plips.

Similar to Dron, this name enforces the idea that an individual has battered their lips in that of a brown woman.

There are two Blips' in the Platoon house.

Blips fucked up.

Blips got caught holding hands.

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Ball Lips - Labia (beef curtains/lady's downstairs lips) that are made from the remains of the scrotal sack after a gentleman decides to undergo the op and become a lady.

Go on Lewis show us yah blips.


The person you get when you mix Bloods and Crips.

Gang color is Purple.

1:Ay yo who you roll wit?

2:Dem Blips...

1:Damn sucka you betta get yo ass back to Kansas

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