What is Blitted?


Intoxicated by or as if by a drug, such as cocaine or marijuana. Usually caused by smokin' a "fattie".

"Aiyyo son I ride around with my hooptie tinted to ride around blitted."

- Redman in "Smoke Buddha"


stoned out of your mind

this L got me fucking blittedddddd

See stoned, high, intoxicated, weed, joints


Usually referring to when smoking weed and high as a kite.

This weed is got me blitted.

I feel so blitted from this joint.

I'm so blitted son!

See weed, blitted, son, marijuana, grass, joint, smoking, cia, fbi, copyright


crunked (see crunk)

basically means fucked up or INTOXICATED

this L got me blitted


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