What is Blitzed?


Of being high or wasted to the extreme.

Dude man you've been smokin' too much your blitzed

See holl


Simultaneously drunk and high, to the point of incoherency

God DAMN Dan just had 5 joints and ten shots of tequila... that's one blitzed motherfucker


An adjective, used when one is heavily under the influence, most often alcohol or marijuana.

"We were absolutely blitzed after finishing off that case of beer."

See drinking, hammered, wasted, plowed, baked, sober


totally under the influence of some exterior and harmful force such as alcohol, marijuana, or MTV.

Dude, he's totally blitzed on weed.

See drunk, stoned, wasted, bombed, etc.


so high you cant even see straight!

Tra was so blitzed he fell down the stairs!

See baked, bonged, blizted, blizzie, stoned


Being relly high, or wasted to the point of having no words to decribe it.

I drank a 60 of whiskey, i'm so wasted.

See j/a


Blitzed is a term used when one smokes an excessive amount of marijuana, to the point where said person is so insanely stoned that he or she is bound to start taking their clothes off.

The term may also be used when one comsumes ridiculous amounts of alcohol, to the point where said person is barely able to function properly.

Girlfriend - "I'm fucking pissed at you."

Boyfriend - "Why?!"

Girlfriend - "You called last night and left a message saying I was the worst sex you've ever had."

Boyfriend - "::laughing:: I'm sorry, baby. I hung out with the guys and we smoked so much weed/drank so much. I was fucking blitzed."

See stoned, high, zonked, wasted, smashed


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