What is Bloaf?


when receiving oral sex from a woman and she vomits because she began to gag

Geeze Sam, can't you find a clean woman that wont bloaf all over you during sex

See richie


An unexpected fart, or farting without knowing you're farting.

(Person 1) "Dude...ugh...did you fart?"

(Person 2) "No dude, not that i know of...maybe i bloafed."

See fart, poot, shit, gas


n- oafish creature who roams Judd Scool. Dependant on Club Des Jeunes orig.- Tom, Matt, Isaac, and Chris circum. 2004

abbr. Blo, Dickhead, Flakey McSnakey

1. Did you catch that far-out Bloaf?

2. Urgh. What a Bloaf.

3. Bloaf is such a flakey Bloaf.

4. Don't be a Bloaf


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