What is Bloagie?


To get a blow job at the same time you are eating a hoagie.

I went to Wawa and got a bloagie. I'm full, she's full.

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A bloagie was defined on the Preston and Steve show as a man receiving fellatio from a female while eating a hoagie. Most notably at any Wawa location or wherever a hoagie may be found. Said act is also acceptable to be performed on a female by a male or another female as well.

As I walked into Wawa at 3am to get a sandwich, I saw a guy parked in his car in the middle of a bloagie.

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When a man is in the process of getting a blowjob while eating a hoagie. This satisfies a man in two different ways: nutritional fulfillment, and sexual release.

I had just gotten home to make some lunch when my wife surprised me with the best bloagie ever.

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When a guy receives oral sex while eating a hoagie

After the bar, I stopped off at Wawa for a late night sandwich, where I my girlfriend soon after gave me the best bloagie.

(Wawas are convenience stores in Philly and NJ that makes freshly made hoagies especially for the late night bar crowds)

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a blow job received while eating a hoagie

When you are eating a hoagie while getting a blow job, it is called a 'bloagie'

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A blow job given to a man while he is eating a hoagie.

Art (calling in to Preston and Steve): One time I stopped in a Wawaover on Baltimore Pike and I'm walking in, paying my own mind, and I just happen to look over to my left hand side. Look over to my left hand side and there's a girl performing on a guy, in the drivers seat, while he's eating a hoagie.

Preston: How can you not have this--a bloagie.

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the act receiving oral sex while you are eating a hoagie

After work my wife and I went out to the local deli, where after i order my ham and cheese and rye we went out to car and i enjoyed a hard earned bloagie.

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