Block Party

What is Block Party?


A party that takes over / place a whole block or most of it.

HAHA! That block party on Main St. was the shit! If only the cops didn't come.


This type of party is when every house on a block has its own party with tons of people. It’s actually very fun to go to a block party. There is always music and fun things to do. Also, they always have food there so it’s even greater.

That block party rocked my socks mang!

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on a newsgroup or message board - a code used to notify people that they should block a particular person.

useful in pointing out trolls

Started in Yahoo Answersto deal with rampant trolls - especially reporters and spammers

Posted Question:

Whats the most important thing in throwing a block party?

Details posted:

Besides the guest of honor that is.

<link to the trolls account>

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If you do not know what Block Party is and you live in Pennsylvania, you've basically living under a rock all your fucking life. It is the biggest party in Pennsylvania, located at Bloomsburg University, a weekend or two before finals week, where every student on campus is annihilated with alcohol, pills and bud from 8 in the morning on Saturday till 3 in the morning on Sunday. The town is filled with students/friends from Temple, Penn State, Rutgers, Moravian, Bucknell, West Chester, St.Joes or any other school that is 2 1/2 to 3 hours away from school because they know it's the fucking place to be. Lightstreet, Main St and Iron St is just flooded with insanity and fucked up kids and that's how everyone likes it. Run out of beer? Don't worry Campus Beer will deliver it for you because you're too drunk to drive or even walk to it. After it is all said and done, you get Pizza at Naps or JoJo's just because it's open that late and you sleep till 4 pm on Sunday and do not remember a fucking thing that happened. Unless, you get arrested for being a belligerent piece of shit or find horse shit on your shoe from the Police riding them all over town. Other wise, you will have the time of your life with all your friends and end up hooking up with someone that you will never see in your life ever again.

Kid from Bloomsburg: You fucking coming to block party???

Kid from Temple: Fuck yeahhh man, I'm going to be drinking beers allllll day long with you! I'm bringing like 10 people with me, I don't know where they will be sleeping, but I don't give a fuck. I'm going to be drunk as fuck. It's going to fucking awesomeeee!

Kid from Bloomsburg: Hell yeah man! It will be a time to remember.


(kids talking about block party and a party)

Bloomsburg Student: What is Block Pary?

Another student: I suggest you transfer out of this school tomorrow or leave the room before you get bitched around all night for asking such a fucking stupid question.

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When you are driving down the road and a group of cars block you in from all sides, clogging up the road and preventing you from moving forward.

"Hey man, why did you give that guy the finger?"

"He got me caught up in a huge block party between two 80's Nissans that I didn't want to be invited to!"

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1. Basketball slang; When a player is constantly blocking the shots of the opposing team.

Big Frank got about 7 blocks, dude having a block party.

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