What is Blogasm?


The feeling you get when you check your blog stats and you see WAY more visitors than you expected.

"Dude, last night I wrote a new blog post about that crazy new action movie. This morning when I checked my stats and saw I had over 2,000 visits, I had a serious blogasm!"

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Orgasming to an erotic blog.

Guy 1: yo, you read kayly's blog yet?

Guy 2: no, why?

Guy 1: dude, it's sooo freaking hot. I couldn't control my urge, I forced a blogasm on myself.

Guy 2: NICE!! im'a go home and read it too!

Assistant principal: Wow, i know what your talking about. I blogasmed three times last time to the very same article. IT'S SOOOO EROTIC!!!!!

Guy 2: never mind...

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