Blogging 4

What is Blogging 4?


Blogging 4. Blogging 4 actually skips two levels, 2 and 3, and takes blogging so far into the future that no one can really keep up. Upon experiencing blogging 4 you will probably shit yourself at some point. Hey, when you take things to the next level, skipping levels in the process, well, things happen and some of it is not so cool. But what is cool is Blogging 4. So put your crash helmet on and get ready.

Blogging 4: (example blog, Grooming Tips)

Super Cuts.

Hair Masters.

Great Clips.

Here is the dilemma. What is the best: Super, Great or a Master? After taking the challenge, Wexley has deduced that being a hair “Master” is actually far superior to having a “Super” cut -which is actually much better than having a “Great” clip. What makes the Master of hair better is the free shampoo and scalp massage. One Wexley tester actually almost fell asleep while soaking in the warm water and gentle touch of the hair “Master”.

Of course, it makes sense that Super is much better than just Great anyhow, but given the speedy, “get you in and out without actually giving a shit about you or your hair” service can only leave you at the “Great” level. Also if you look into history, anything super, like Superpowers, Super heroes, Super markets are much better than anything just great, like Great ____, see there, that’s the problem.

In summary, if you want the best cut go to Hair Masters. They are the Masters and your hair will be happy.

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