What is Bloodtrocution?


When one drains his/her own blood, or the blood of another to use that blood as a medium of electrocution, in the same manner as one would use water to electrocute someone. Though, this method is much more metal and was coined by one of the greatest bands ever, Dethklok.

Using one's own blood is usually not preferred, so in most bloodtrocution cases it is found that the victim's own blood was used to bloodtrocute the victim.

"That was brutal! John slit his own wrist, made a small pool of blood on the ground, and when Cindy stepped into it he threw a live electrical wire into the pool of blood! Damn, Cindy, you've been bloodtrocuted."

"Did you hear about that guy who bleeds his victims half to death, let's them wallow in a pool of their own blood, then touches an electric current the blood pool? Man, it must suck to be a victim of bloodtrocution. The chance of survival is virtually non-existent."

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