Bloody Hell

What is Bloody Hell?


British term used to express anger, shock or suprise. Apparently translates into American as 'Dirty Hell'. Fucking yanks.

"His cock was THIS big!" - "Bloody hell!"

"It took me two and a half hours to get home today." - "Bloody hell, why?!" - "Americans run our public transport, that's why." - "Fucking yanks."

"Mommy, the dog crapped in your bed again." - "Oh, bloody hell."



an interjection of either amazed awe or sudden anger/despondency; from the terms, "Christ's wounds," and/or "Christ's blood," which were deemed sacreligious and so were shortened to "bloody;" "hell was added later to express the full extent of the emotion; originated in Great Britain

Denethor: *insane and unconsolable* Flee, flee for your liiiiives!

Gandalf: *irritated* Oh, bloody HELL! *whacks Denethor with his staff*


Hermione: *punches Malfoy in his snivelling face* Bloody hell, I've wanted to do that for ages!

Ron: Bloody hell! I think I love you.

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The British equivalent of our terms of anger, surprise, etc.

Such as: "Oh, my God!" "Holy shit!" "What the fuck?!" "Whoa!" "Damn!"

Mandy: The worst news! I just heard Eddie Guerrero died.

Danielle: Bloody hell! Are you serious

Mandy: Yeah....

(They embrace each other crying.)

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"Bloody Hell" is an exclusively British phrase. It's a general exclamation, which can be used in many situations. You can use it to express shock, joy, shame, sadness... whatever.

But say it with a Scottish or English accent. It sounds weird when Americans say it

"Bloody Hell, it's freezing outside".

"Bloody Hell, that's amazing".

"Bloody Hell, I feel like crap."

"Bloody Hell, get off me!"

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Alternatively British blasphemy related to Bloody Mary -- which says The Virgin Mary was not a virgin as in Mary was bloody from her ruptured hymen. Of course such a blasphemy means you are going straight to hell having denied Christ is God's son. Thus Bloody Hell refers to huge disaster and misfortune. This form is seldom the sense used today - but when it is there is an implication that the Church or Christianity or God is at fault.

The less controversial "Blood of Christ wounds" is the usual meaning which is merely bad in the sense of making vows without permission of a vicar and degrading their seriousness. Vows by the "Blood of Christ" were supposed to be reserved for the most serious of matters like going on crusade. In this case "Bloody Hell" is more shorthand for saying "by the Blood of Christ Wounds I swear it is as bad as if Hell itself has broken loose on Earth".

Bloody Hell priest I'll have no more of your lies, you filthy pedaphile.

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Typically English phrase, still used a lot today and personally my favourite saying. It's pronounced 'bloody ell'. Should not be used by any other nationality.

"I'm sorry but you'll have to wait until next week to see the bank manager..." "oh bloody hell" *angry face*

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A) british slang exclamation. same as "holy shit"

B) nice way of saying someone is on their period

A) BLOODY HELL, I spilled my tea!

B) boy: why is she so upset today?

girl: ....bloody hell.....

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