What is Blough?


The act of fluffing a penis up to about a 45% erectile state and tapping it off the face of an unconscious person. It is important to note that the penis must maintain a prominent sag and limpness, but one must also make sure that it is erect enough to have a good weight to it. The penis is then taken and tapped, rubbed, and slapped around the facial area of a friend, preferably a friend who is passed out from a bender at the bar. Primary targets include the forehead, the tip of the nose, the cheeks, and the chin. Bloughing on the lips, however, is frowned upon.

For years, Christopher would come home from the bars drunk and enjoy bloughing his friends when they passed out. One day though, he bloughed Archibald and in retaliation, Archibald parted his ass cheeks and delivered upon Christopher's unconscious face a spread, hairy Italian ass of wrath (Ass blough).

See revenge, drunk, dungaree, doorstop


a metal/hardcore scream. Pronounced <em>"bluh-ow"</em

Die die die! Kill your mom! Kill your friends! BLOUGH!!!!

See metal, hardcore, scream, scary, growl


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