What is Blouse?


A really femmie gay guy who fancies himself as the top in man to man sex.

Check out the skinny guy with the waxed eyebrows and the cartoonish voice, my gay buddy says he thinks hes a top...what a blouse.


.A Homosexual man

.A Woman's shirt

To many people refer to call it ''you big girl's blouse!''

''You big girl's blouse!''

See gay, homo, homosexual, trannie, transvestite, sweet jesus


1 - A New Mini from BMW.

2 - an article of female clothing, akin to the male shirt

1 - haha he's driving a blouse.

2 - Oooo what a smashing blouse you are wearing.


1920's, To leave quickly, to take the air.

Not another waltz! C'mon, Mabel, ler's blouse!

See flapper, sheik, sheba, 1920's, slang, leave, absquatulate


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