Blow And Go

What is Blow And Go?


A quickie blow job. Used exclusively for when you don't have time for more scandelous activities.

"Honey, I told my wife I'd meet her for dinner at 6:30, it's already 7:00! Where's my blow and go so I can get outta here"

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when you have multiple DUIs and a breathalizer is attached to your vehicle by the police in order to start your car

I've had about 15 beers, will you please breathe into my blow and go so i can drive home?

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when a girl doesn't finish the blow,

its called a PENGUIN

because the guy will start chasing her,and since his pants are by his ankles he's gona hop after her "like a penguin"


When a girl gives you head, but leaves before finishing the job.

That stupid bitch did a blow and go!


a term for a tea room, or venue with lots of glory holes.

you got got head at a blow and go!?!? you're such a ho.


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