Blow Up

What is Blow Up?


To become famous, successful, and respected usually within a small amount of time.

Tarentino worked in a video rental joint before he made Resevoir Dogs and blew up.


"These overnight stars becoming autograph signers.

We'll all long to blow up and leave the past behind us."

from Rock Bottom by Eminem

See Scog


to inundate a device with messages

I was asleep for only two hours and my pager blew up!


State of while under the influence of the ecstasy (3,4MDMA)where one feels like either their mind or entire body is having an orgasm and is almost impossible to control.

You look as is you're feeling really good....are you blowing up?

See charley


To rapidly achieve fame, stardom, cash money, mad props, etc. after being relatively unknown. It is more of a rapid progression than a gradual rise in fame and fortune...

Just watch, man - she's about to blow up after her next album drops


When a person under the influence of MDMA has another blow a Vick's Vapor Inhaler into their eyes, nose, and mouth.

The same as a Sea Breeze, but different terminology since the Sea Breeze is often associated with candy ravers.

Bro, I'm rolling my nuts off, can you give me a blow up?

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To be rolling on MDMA(Ecstasy) super hard. Most intense feeling or peak of an MDMA experience. Can either be used to describe coming up very rapidly on the drug in the beggining of an MDMA experience, or to reach a peak or plateau of an MDMA experience.

I was blowing up really hard the other night, it was intense.

Im gonna blow up hardcore tonight, man.

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forceful excertion of vomitus or fecal matter.

if you're gonna blow up in the bathroom, you'd better pick it up

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