Blow Up Then

What is Blow Up Then?


to fire up over nothing or everything

going nuts

yelling loudly and getting shitty

to make an already tense situation much worse




to get your best shirt wrecked and flip out

Brown Town

"You Wrecked my best shirt"

"Blow Up Then"

"Why did you do that?"

"Blow Up Then"

"Janilla keeps pulling the ladies"

"Blow Up Then"

See blow up, blow up then, cut, shitty, pissy, angry, nuts, pissed off



To flip out when something not so terrible has happened

To get angry over nothing; but also

To get angry over something worth getting angry about

To shout loudly and incessantly - 'blowing up'

To become shitty and pissy


Blown up: What's left of someone after they have blown up then - tears

Janilla: "you just ruined my favourite shirt"

Brown: "Blow Up Then"

"You just knocked over the vodka"

"Blow Up Then"

See blow up, pissy, shitty, cut


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