What is Blub?


A blub is the German pet name for a water bong, due to the noise it makes as the chronic passes through the water. Also known as a Blubber or a Blubbi.

The bong went blub, blub, blub then he looked up at her through bloodshot eyes and said ooooooh yeah!


The sound a fish makes.

I stared deep into Goldy's pitch-black eyes and from the moment he said "blub" I knew we were ment to be.

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The status assigned to a drinking establishment that possesses the characteristics of both a bar and a club, but is in-between both.

M: you want to go to the bar tonight?

R: nah

M: how about a club?

R: no i dont feel like clubbing, lets go to a blub

M: a what?

R: a blub = a bar+club

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Well Blub is word when you use in situations that are funny. It can also be used as an informal greeting among young people.

Eg.1. Oh my days that was just.. Blub.

Eg.2. Alright Blub,

Blub Blub

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The sound a clam makes when under water. Also used to call someone a clam.

That kid Mark is such a blub.

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The equivilant of chub, or a small amount of fat.

Yeah that Kristy girl isn't that hot, she has too much blub.

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An alternate use of the word 'blud' or 'blad', used in modern context to describe a friend, or good person.

Usually describing a really cool, nice person.

It is the shizz.

Use it.

Chloe, you is tha' shizzzblub! ;)

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