Blubber Butt

What is Blubber Butt?


A girl's ass that is fat, not just big, but a booty that has a lot of jiggle to it. A blubber butt should contain some cellulite and cottage cheese and always fill up the girl's pants. Nothing is better than a blubber butt, it is a godess-like feature on bbws that is a true thing of beauty.

My girlfriend's blubber butt looks damn good in a thong with all her fat hanging out, I get an instant hard-on from looking at it.

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A very large butt than is untoned, saggy and jiggly. It bounces around when the person walks, and is found on overweight and obese people.

"her butt was a blubber butt. She could cause an earthquake if she sat down on that thing!"

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colloquialism for fat-ass. Blubber being the fatty tissue found in whalesand other mammals found in arctic waters, often associated with the fat deposits located in an obese persons buttocks.

"My God, that woman has a blubber butt from hell. It's so big, Shamu just got a hard-on looking at it!"


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