What is Blubberingzoidberg?


Blubberingzoidberg is a term used to describe a person or action negativly. The word 'Fuck' more or less sums up Blubberingzoidberg, only to a more less harsh extent.

That hockey match was a load of Blubberingzoidberg! I cant believe I gave up my Saturday to watch it.

That stupid mothafucking Blubberingzoidberg better watch her back or she'll be eating knucklepie for breakfast!

I don't understand why you're being such a Blubberingzoidberg? I bet you in todays maths quiz - it's not the end of the world!

Homework is pants. Honestly that Blubberingzoidberg Mrs Faulton needs to rapidly cut the amount of work we get. I havent been to the mall in weeks!

See blubby, blub, blubber, blue, jobby, faeces


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