What is Bludfahrt?


1. a case of diareah so explosive that your anus bleeds

2. an awesome, yet-to-be death metal band

3. when having anal intercourse the female lets go a most potent expulsion of gas and bodily fluids

1. DUDE i had a monster bludfahrt last nite; my anus is still sore and i wont be able to deficate for the next three weeks

2. hey man i saw Bludfahrt in concert last nite and they straight up rocked; the drummer had himself a bludfahrt on his floor tom

3. BRAh! my chick had a bludfahrt last nite all over me; im still trying to clean off the smell, i took a chemical-garlic bath

See blud, fart, blood, anal, intercourse, floor tom, bodily fluids


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