Blue Blood

What is Blue Blood?


Comes from the medieval belief that aristocratic blood was blue. Usually used talking about nobelty and royal family members.

There's too much blue blood in this family! They really should mix with the common people otherwise they'll degenerate...


This means that you come from a wealthy background (old money).

"His blood is so blue, that he is a natural-born yacht club captain."

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Old school slang for common folks back in medieval times. Those of low class work in hard labor (agricultural) and spending majority of the time being exposed to the sun; so they tan. Where as the high class folks do nothing, but stay inside their homes; getting paler. So pale that their skin become--as some say like alabaster, that you can see their blue veins through their skin. Thus the word "Blue Blood".

it doesn't matter how hard your dad works, you'll never be a Blue Blood like us.

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the elite, wealthy,aristocratic.

comes from when the aristocrats used iron cutlery to eat, the exposure to bad quality iron eventually made their blood blue.

normaly refers to english.

rich and blue blooded are differnt

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