Blue Coin

What is Blue Coin?


(Usage) - A persons pride, honor, or value - in relation to the stealing, taking, or getting of someone's pride, honor, or value. Used to demean someone or put them down for not being as good.

(History) - The phrase 'to get your blue coin' or phrases thus related originated with the video game LEGO Star Wars (I). Do to the nature of the game's cooperative format where both player's charaters must be seen at the same time, preventing independent gameplay, player movement is restricted and arguments over which direction the players should go next often arise. These arguments in turn often lead to the players attempting to kill each other, hoping to gain ground in the direction they wish to go while the other player's character respawns. When a character dies they lose approximately 1000 points, often in the form of a blue coin valued at 1000 points. As lost coins have a limited time-out before they disappear, it is most common for the triumphant player to collect the blue coin, adding more points to his score, while the other player waits to respawn. This lead to players who succesfully pwnedtheir opponent saying "Ha! I got your blue coin!", flaunting their success.

- "I got your blue coin!"

- "Dude, his blue coin is totally mine."

See pride, honor, value, pwned, pwn'd, pawn, pwn, pwnage, ownage


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