Blue Thunder

What is Blue Thunder?


An appropriate term for Viagra.

The crazy old Texan Vietnam vet we gave an MRI to today asked if we could put in a porn for him to watch during the scan. To which I responded "no sir we need minimal movement from you for optimal results". He said "Don't worry son, I haven't had my blue thunder today yet."

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The act of making sweet, sweet love to a dolphin's blowhole.

"Man, I was once a lonely fisherman, floating on the seven seas in solitary gloom. Then I discovered Blue Thunder! Never before has my tackle seen such fare!"

See sailor, dolphin, sex, act, blowhole


(n)Blue thunder means 'Fuck off'. Shortened version of the well known phrase "Blue thunder, Fuck off!"

Sam: "Jack are you still working at Crows nest?"

Jack: "Blue thunder, fuck off!"

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