What is Blueshark?


Stereotypical jock or football player type. Into all things sports, and not much else. Attracted to skinny, fake tanned (to the point of being orange) blondes with a greater focus on breast size than personality. Bluesharks often feel threatened by people smarter than themselves, especially in groups conversing. If in such a situation, it is common for a Blueshark to yell something along the lines of "Yeah, Footie!", in a feeble attempt to join the conversation.

Person1: Great party, huh?

Person2: Meh, I wish they'd turn the music down and put the footy on.

Person1: Dude, you're such a Blueshark!

See jock, footie, football, jocks, sparky, poser, meathead, abercrombie


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