What is Bluetoothin'?


When someone keeps the bluetooth headset in their ear 24/7. Typically a bluetoother will commence phone conversations while you are trying to talk to them. This can cause confusion between both parties.

Bob: So Terrell, are we still going to the club later?

Terrell: Yeah. What's new?

Bob: Great!!!!! Well not much....?!?!?

Terrell: That's awesome, hell yeah I lick toes.

Bob: HUh?

Terrell: Sorry Bob what did you say I was on the phone...

bob: Terrell, you're always bluetoothin' and confusing me.

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When two people exchange personal or multimedia data through the Bluetooth File Transfer Protocol.

John: Hey look at dem hoes!

/Drives up to Prostitutes/

John: Sup, bitches?

Maleekuh: Nigga, ain't you see we busy?

/Notices Mobile telephones/

Summah Peech: Yea, nigguh. We bluetoothin'!

Pimp Named Slickback: Make my money, bitches, or I'm a Bluetooth my dick in your asses.

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