What is Bluf?


A rock band based near Cincinnati Ohio.

band members include:

Ian Mellencamp - vocals/guitar

Ben Rubin - drums

Zach Bolander - guitar

Evan Rubin - bass

Trevor and I are going to the Bluf show this friday night, would you like to come with us?


An acronym for "Bottom Line Up Front" that is frequently used in informal military correspondence and internal/informal corporate e-mails to cover the main points of an e-mail so the reader can quickly understand what the e-mail is saying before reading the whole, lengthy e-mail.



BLUF:slangdefine is a great resource for employees to look up slang expressions customers use

(Paragraph 1-Point #1 on why slangdefine is so awesome)

(Paragraph 2-Point #2 on why slangdefine is so awesome)

(Paragraph 3-Point #3 on why slangdefine is so awesome)

Very Respectfully,


See v/r, informal


A really cool band, with Ian Mellencamp.

Man, I just downloa... I mean bought Bluf's new CD. It's totally sweet.

See izlude


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