What is Blumpette?


The inverse of the Blumpkin. In a blumpette, oral sex (cunnilingus) is performed on a woman while she sits on a toilet either during, or shortly after, she has defecated. Wiping and flushing before the oral sex begins is known as a "courtesy wipe" and a "courtesy flush". This is known as a "Semi-clean Blumpette". As this removes much of the smell and unpleasantness for the pleasurer it is considered less dirty and less risque. A true "Clean Blumpette" is performed before the woman relieves herself. This is considered the least kinky, as it is more or less normal cunnilingus that happens to take place in the bathroom.

Kay was turned on by the filthiness of the Blumpette, so she made Arnie eat her out while she was still on the toilet.

See blumpette, blumpkin, cunnilingus, toilet, scat play, humiliation, domination


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