Bluntosaurus Rex

What is Bluntosaurus Rex?


Bluntosaurus Rex is a legendary creature rumored to appear as a vision before individuals consuming large blunts. With an appearance similar to the Tyrranosaur, Bluntosaurus stands over twenty feet tall with blunt cherry teeth over 12 inches long. Bluntosaurus is a carnivore, as he stuns his prey with noxious blunt fumes before tearing a massive blunt wrap off his skin, rolling a blunt of his prey, and smoking them. The blood of Bluntosaurus Rex is rumored to be liquid THC, and his heart is the infamous Golden Nug, which if smoked grants the smoker not only infinite, eternal high, but also eternal life. While some claim to have seen Bluntosaurus Rex out of the corner of their eye, there have been no confirmed sightings. If one should choose to hunt Bluntosaurus, one is recommended to exercise extreme caution, and to employ a non-polar liquid to fight him, as that is the only known substance that will dissolve, or in fact even penetrate the skin of, Bluntosaurus Rex.

"Ahhhh save me! It's Bluntosaurus Rex! We're all gonna die!"

"I'm so high, I thought I just saw Bluntosaurus."

"Eat your brownies Johnny, or Bluntosaurus'll come for you in your sleep."

See blunt, joint, marijuana, bud, thc, Reefer Madness


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