What is Blup?


Expression of respect and appreciation best used loudly with accompanying hand gestures

I see dat ting boi, blup!


To blup, or blupping, is the sound made when a man, having sex on top of a woman, bears down on the womans tits to the point that a blast of air escapes, emitting a strange but amazing sound.

A similar but far less sexy sound is made by cupping your hand expertly under your armpit and waving your arm about like a chicken.

"I was hitting it hard, son, and I leaned down to kiss her and her boobs blupped super-loud!"

See sex noises


to be on that bull shit , not doin somethin that you should be doin.

ay ima hit u back in 5 min. 30 mins later man y aint u hit me up u on that blup

See bullin, wack, bitch


Used as a cuss or after a threat, to instill fear into the heart of the nerdy victim or member of an enemy cru.(Accompanied by hand-gesture implies drive-by connotations) Instant weapon to make you look hard...

(Also see brap; blut)

Boys, u best watch ya mouth or me and my bredren is gonna blaps u up, yeh? BLUP BLUP!

See blut, brap, blaps, chav, drive-by


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