What is Bnb?


An acronym for Bad News Bears. See Bad News Bears.

"I lost my cellphone yesterday."

"Oh man, thats BNB dude."

See bad news bears, bummer, sucks, terrible, crappy, no good, Red Dot


Bread and butter. (n)

Often used in terms of fighting games to describe a standard combo that is effecient in terms of damage and difficulty to perform.

Sion's bnb is freaking imba.

See bread, and, butter, melty, blood, marvel, vs, capcom, 2


abbreiviation for "Bad News Bears" often spoken in letters just as b.n.b

person 1: look at this traffic!

person 2: I's BNB

See bad news bears, bad, news, bears, uh oh


Boys in blue a.k.a. the popo or police

Dude, last night at that strip club the bnb arrested some underage punk.

See popo, police, po, cop


One of the worlds best and longest lived online gaming clans. It simply does not get any better than these elite members of the Gaming Gods Group.

My God those BnB Guys are elite

See et, q3, clan, gaming, ownage


Bahala Na Barkada

One of the most Dangerous Street Asain Street Gang. Dates back to the phillipines and all over california and everywhere. Bahala Na Barkaka is in tagalog which means Go ahead friends. Thry claim the Flue

nigga im from BNB. Bahala Na Barkada


bowls and bullets

the two best ways to smoke weed.

1) bullets are easy and fast and shady

2) bowls get u high quickly and gives u a clean hit

" yo bro we gonna smoke tonight?"

"yea, but we cant BNB, we gotta roll joints"

"well then screw that, rolling sucks"

See weed, bullet, bowl, smoke, stoned


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