What is Bnf?


big name fan


Acronym for "Beach Noobs Forever"; veterans of Killzone 1 online who played on the map called Beachhead almost exclusively for years on end. Notable members include FAMILYGUY-DEATH, Gs-Criminal, LoCkMaN, BUCKNASTY, WaWaWiiWa and Mazer-Rackham.

Don't make a Core SD, make a Beach DnD and call it BnF.

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Back and Forth - the daily email loop between a small group of close friends. Typically about nothing. Usually consumes more than an hour or 2 combined. During work hours. Can result in arguments about meaningless topics.

Today's BnF is unreal. I have not done a thing at work except read all these rants on the housing market, golf, NFL, marketing and Michael Irvin.

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stands for "best nigga foreva". its a term to replace best friends forever. but cooler.

I love you..ur my bnf!

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