Bo! Jangles

What is Bo! Jangles?


The Name "Bo-Jangles" the actule pub was used in the great Australian movie "CHOPPER"

Chopper or Uncle Chop Chop, shot the fela point-blank in the head. He just stood there and coped it sweet!

See Luke


a playa or pimp who carries a cane and wears a pink suit with a matching hatThe hat usually has a feather in it.

Brotha, your fresh gears is making you stand out like a BO JANGLES pimp in the middle of watts


this is a phat place but it is also proper norty. i have bare fights here and its where my enemys grant and mitchell sometimes cotch. its actually called jangles but it is such a wicked place.

"BO! jangles, that is a dangerous place bruv dont go there seriously. some norty people cotch der" -a kid in stortford warning a reporter.


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