What is Boardmaker?


Used on Neopets, mainly on a plot group. Also called BM's. I think OLDPDis the only plot group that has them. When a board explodes (reaches 500 posts), a boardmaker will create a new board. I think boardmakers are kind of useless, yet helpful at the same time. Some people don't deserve to be boardmakers. They say boardmakers are chosen from "among long-time, trusted OLDPDers." (copyright neopets/~andbu). Some of the boardmakers aren't even helpful. Some do deserve to be boardmakers. Those peope are nice, funny, and helpful. But most aren't. They just sit there and brag. :/

Boardmaker: Thinking-*Hmmmm...I'm a boardmaker now, so I think I'll post whatever good restock I get, and whenever I get a trophy in a game and whenever I win against a battledome challenger.

See neopets, neoboards, oldpd, rude, nice, brag


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