What is B'oh?


An incorrect variation on the exclaimation "D'oh."

As seen in the Simpsons episode "Burns' Heir," when Burns tried to convince Bart that his family doesn't miss him, and hires actors to portray them on a video feed. But, the Homer actor flubs his lines, saying "B'oh" instead of "D'oh."

Homer Actor: (odd voice) I do not miss Bart at all.

Marge Actor: (odd voice) I am glad he's gone.

Lisa Actor: (odd voice) As am I.

Homer Actor: (drops) sandwich B'oh!


An exclamation similar to "D'oh", the popular phrase said by Homer from The Simpsons. Similar in meaning and annunciation.

Saying this phrase to another Simpsons buff displays superior knowledge of Simpsons trivia; said usage also points out the over usage of the phrase "D'oh" and avoids obvious simpsons clichés.

Origin: In Simpsons episode 1F16: "Burn's Heir", an actor portraying Homer mistakenly exclaims "B'oh" after dropping a sandwhich while trying to convince Bart the actor is the real Homer (Saying "D'oh" would have been more realistic).

Person1: "Dude you just dropped your beer"

Person2: "D'oh"

SimpsonsBuff1: "Dude you just dropped your beer"

SimpsonsBuff2: "B'oh"

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