What is Booma?


1. A close friend or companion, of a non-sexual nature.

2. a friend of one, dunga

You've done it! Nice job booma!


Booma in the arabic language means "OWL". Yes, like the bird. But it's slang meaning in arabic is: Someone who is being and absolute buzkill.

For example, when you're out with your friends partying and talking to girls, having fun. There is always that one girl who is the buzzkill of the group. She is always pulling her friends away, she looks miserable, with a pissed off look on her face, basically watching all the fun, but not having any. This girl is a "BOOMA"

See booma, owl, boring, bird, Zack


A term to describe large boobs (ranging in size from bout a C-cup to a DD-cup)

My girlfriend has big boomas


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