What is Boop?


The mystery of the boop shall never be revealed. But when saying "Boop" you must poke a random person on the nose.

Meh: Boop! *pokes your nose*

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To poke and animal or something cute in the nose.

Mary booped her dog.


To fast forward or rewind a recorded television program on a TiVo or other DVR. This is derived from the "boop" sound a TiVo makes when it is fast forwarded or rewound.

Boop back two seconds, I want to see that again.

You gotta boop through these commercials; we have full boopage.

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To prod continuously upon the bridge of the nose with the penis

It slipped out so i booped her on accident.

I booped your mom last night.

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The female equivalent to the male "fist pound" or male high five. Saying "boop" is used in conjunction with the hip bump n'snap (action of bumping hips from the side and snapping.)

"The St. Louis Rams just won!"

"Boop!" (simultaneously performing the hip bump n' snap)

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to sexually take advantage with or without consent.

Hi, I'm going to boop you.

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Short for

Blown Out Of Proportion

When something said or done is over the top, or exaggerated.

Greg: I dropped a bit of rubbish and i got fined 200 pound!!

Mark: Ah ffs thats boop'd!

'Greg Farts'

Greg: boys i just farted dont boop it...

Boys: (really loud in public while holding their noses) ahhhhhhhhh Greg that STINKS!

Liam: peter crouch is 8ft 2 inches tall

Phil: boop'd

Mark: nahh Liam you're booping it again...

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