What is Booth?


(noun) a small, enclosed space in a recording studio (similar to Superman-style telephone booth). Usually used for recording vocal tracks, for separation (sound-proofed).

"Everytime I step in the booth, I spit the truth"


Booth the name of a peacekeeper, it is used to call people who openly admit there bad points and this is generally why people like them. As well as the fact that they are peacekeepers that can solve most arguments and problems.

“Always use a booth if you have any problems”

“Thanks booth you really help”

“Booth you’re a failure” “yer I know what’s your point”

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If something is incredibly dirty, seedy and disgusting it is described as being booth.

Yo, andrew is booth.

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To be patronising in the extreme.

Innocent person: "Did you watch..."

boother: "No I didn't watch anything last night, so don't even begin to ask me what I watched last night. Because if you ask me what I asked last night, I'll say nothing, and then this will have been a total waste of time!"

Innocent bystander: "Say what?"


A state of being in which a person does what they want, doesn't give a fuck about any other shit going on, and knows that they are being booth.

The process of acting this way is known as "boothing".

"Did you see that guy walking down the sidewalk? He just punched a guy in the jaw for walking into him!! He's being so booth."

"Yeah, I saw that. He's boothing like a motherfucker."

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A person who is a bit of a rascal. Also know as a critter.

That squirrel looks like a Booth.

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the crib, the place where you live.

I wuz chiilin in da booth wit my posse.

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