Boss Lady

What is Boss Lady?


An authoritative individual who has mastered the craft of soup making. This individual demands perfection not only from herself and her soup, but from her customers as well. She runs an efficient and regimented operation. The customers who wish to experience the pleasures her soup can provide must act in accordance with the prescribed policies and procedures.

I went to order some mushroom wild rice soup but Boss Lady threw me out when I horsed around in line.

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Is ones wife, the female head of the household.

Hey, Who's that the my boss lady

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female leader in the workplace who exhibits an extremely authoritative demeanor.

Duties for "her highness" are usually relatively menial for her newer subservients; making her coffee, arranging her papers etc.

More experienced and favored underlings often "graduate" to higher responsibilites, such as giving her feet massage, going on "feminine products" errands, and possibly even vaccuuming her carpet after hours.

My boss lady expects total loyalty and respect. Her word is law.

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Another word for your mother

I have to ask boss lady if i can go?

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