Bottle Neck

What is Bottle Neck?


A problem of some kind. Refers to the neck of a bottle because it is narrower than the rest of the bottle and less liquid can flow through it at one time. The flow can also be of data when talking about computers or procedure or productivity when used in a business meaning. The term can be used to describe various problems such computer problems and business problems to name a couple.

"That video card is a piece of crap, it is nothing but bottle neck after bottle neck with it." Refers to a computer problem.

"This computer can only handle 512 megs of RAM, that is a huge bottle neck." Refers to a computer problem.

"The old phone transfer system was causing major bottle necks in our productivity, I'm glad the replaced it." Refers to a business problem.

"The fact that this copier can only hold 100 sheets at a time is a major bottle neck." Refers to a business problem.

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To be able to strech a girls asshole so far to be able to blow on it and it would make a whistle sound.

i bottle necked that bitch.


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